How to Relieve Period Cramps

This morning I woke up with an (unwanted) visit from Aunt Flo. I don’t about you, assuming, of course, that you are a woman, but my periods are MISERABLE. I can sum my menstrual cycle up in two words: cramps and vomit. Luckily, I don’t have classes today so I’m able to take it easy. Of course, periods have an annoying habit of coming at the worst possible times, so it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeves. You don’t want to be taking yucky medicines like midol. Here’s what I do to keep ‘The Red Sea’ at bay.


When the cramps start, heat is your friend. Set your thermostat to 80+ F. Take a hot bath. I even use a rice sock that my roommate gave me- Thanks! If you are in a crunch, a hot rag works well.


Since I vomit on my period, I like to use magnesium cream instead of taking pills. This article suggests that up to 90% of us could have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a mineral. It is involved in more than 600 bodily reactions. So, how can magnesium help you on your period? Naturopathic doctor, Lara Briden, says “Magnesium deficiency increases both the contractility of smooth muscle and the level of prostaglandins, which are the inflammatory compounds that drive period pain.” ( . If your periods are regular, you could start adding more magnesium-rich to your foods a week before. Of course, since the majority of us are deficient it doesn’t help to add more in general!


A few years ago, I took a hormone panel to learn why my periods were so painful. Turns out I was and probably still am deficient in progesterone. Shockingly, magnesium helps to preserve progesterone! Progesterone is a steroid hormone that is produced during the second half of the menstruation cycle. Progesterone helps to relax your muscles. Relaxed muscles = fewer cramps. If you suspect you may be deficient in progesterone, I suggest asking your physician to do a hormone panel. You can pick up a progesterone cream if you are.

Essential Oils

I like to put some magnesium cream on my stomach, near my uterus, then add a few drops of essential oils and top it off with my heat pad. I like to use lavender, peppermint, and copaiba. You can sign up to get essential oils HERE.

Wishing you a PEACEful next cycle,

Healthy Hippie


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